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[Video] Otakon 2011

It is finally done.  My video from Otakon 2011.  It took forever (laziness lol), but i got it on youtube, with a chance of it getting flagged for copyright like the trailer.  I like the banner that I created for it, If i have that much time to make a banner, then i should be able to get a video out when i get footage.  Next anime convention I will be hitting up is Katsucon 18 in National Harbor, MD on Feb.17-19 2012.  Hopefully I can get a camcorder for recording and an external hard drive to keep all of my work.

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fixing the blog

I finally got around putting links to my videos on the video page.  Some of them will show up from the blog and others will be a direct youtube link.  

I think i should use a new system for flagging stuff.  I will just flag videos with the [Video] tag before the title of the page and leave blog post unflaged with tags and other stuff.

[Video] Arcade Fun!


Here is a video clip showing some of the fun I had with arcade machines.  Only 3 clips, but still worth creating a video dedicated to arcades.

Games Played in video:

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (Time Out Arcade – Springfield, VA)

Crane Game (Time Out Arcade-  Springfield, VA)

Taiko no Tatsujin 13 (MAGFest X – National Harbor, MD)

Paperboy (Katsucon 15- Arlington, VA)

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Photoshop fun!

So I was playing around with Photoshop and decided to create a few things.  New water marks for my videos, and a new header for the site.  Hopefully I can find a way to buy photoshop at a cheap price

Why I would rather buy music from iTunes Japan


I love listening to Japanese pop. So much that my iTunes library has more songs in Japanese than English songs. Even my Cambodian songs outnumber the English songs. I love the Japanese iTunes store only because I can grab singles and albums at the same time it gets released in Japan. I also use it to get digital singles that only gets released in japanese services like mu-mo and Cha-Uta (Japanese music download services). Just yesterday, I got a song from the iTunes store and downloaded it. Better quality and bought with my own money. If anyone is wondering what song I got, it is the picture above.


To answer the question on the title of the blog, “Why I would rather buy music from iTunes Japan”, it’s simple. I want the best quality when it comes to music with out resorting to downloading from other means.

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Well, yesterday was a bit fun. Got to experience my first earthquake since i left California many many years ago. Here is how it went down. As I was sitting on my sofa, i noticed that the sofa started to move. I thought to myself, maybe the dog was messing around with it. A second later, the shaking got harder and I stood up and went “wooh!”. I can see the entire house move left and right and it sounded like a helicopter was above my house. My poor dog started to bark since he was scared. I told my sister that an earthquake just happened and tried to called the family, but the cell networks were jammed. I hit the facebook and twitter and let everyone know that I was alright.

That was my DC earthquake story